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History of the Venetian Mask and Carnevale di Venezia

5 August 2015 4301 Views
The first time masked faces were said to have been seen dancing in the Piazza di San Marco was in 1162, while Venice existed under its eloquent previous name, La Repubblica di Serenissima. Victory over the Patriarch of the ancient Roman town of Aquileia, and its ensuing masked celebrations in the town square were repeated, and became official by the Renaissance.

But what are the reasons behind the masks of the vibrant festival that became known as the Carnevale di Venezia? What is it about such an enigmatic spectacle that has caused the masquerade party to soar in popularity, up to and including in the present day?

How to make a Venetian Mask

2 February 2015 2957 Views
Venetian artisans use many different techniques for making and decorating a mask. The description below highlights some of the key steps in the manufacture of a popular papier mache mask.
The making of a venetian masquerade mask starts with the making of the mould. A prototype of the shape of the mask is first made in clay. Then plaster, or gypsum, is put on top of the clay and this creates the mould.
When the plaster has dried, the clay is removed from the inside of the mould and the mould is ready to be used to make a papier mache masks. The mould is also known as a stamp.

Characters Behind our Venetian Masks

24 November 2014 3047 Views
Wondering what those fancy Italian names mean? See our helpful guide below to explain the origin of some of the most popular and well known types of Venetian masks.

Venetian Mask Masquerade Ball

1 August 2014 3103 Views
See pictures from our wonderful Venetian Masks masquerade party that we held in November in a prestigious location in central London. Friends and family had a lot of fun with a casino, live entertainment and dancing!
Most of the Venetian masks that you see people wearing in these pictures were bought from us. We stock a wide range of Venetian Masks, check them out on our website.

Why buy Venetian masks from us?

12 December 2013 2811 Views
We are a leading retailer of quality Venetian masks, based in London, UK, and we take a great deal of pride in providing a high quality of service to our customers.
Here are six reasons why our customers buy Venetian masks from REGENT gifts.