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Returns & Refunds Policy


14 day money back guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied or change your mind we will exchange or refund the product.

Your statutory rights are not affected by our refund and return policy.


What is Return and Refund Policy?


We will give a full refund if the product is faulty or we can not deliver your order within 14 days


We will repair, exchange or refund the product price if you notify us within 14 days that:

  • you have changed your mind or are not completely satisfied
  • the product arrived faulty


We will replace faulty products and NOT give a refund if:

  • the product was personalised correctly as ordered
  • the product has been used
  • the product is pierced jewellery
  • the product is not in original packaging
  • the seal on a sealed bag is broken


All refunds will be paid within 7 days.


How do I return or refund a product?

1. Contact us within 14 days of purchase


2. Provide Proof of Purchase

  • Provide your invoice, order number and purchase date
  • If you do not have a receipt, a credit card or bank statement will serve equally as well as a proof of the date of purchase
  • We may ask you to take a digital photo of the item and send it to us by e-mail


3. Tell us what you would like, e.g.:

  • A full refund on an order which has not yet been delivered or is faulty
  • Replace or repair faulty goods free of charge
  • A refund of the product price if you have changed your mind
  • To return a product and ask for a refund


4. Questions that we may ask you:

  • Was the product customised for you?
  • Is the seal on the bag broken?
  • Is the product in its original packaging?
  • Is there another product which you will like in exchange?


Questions About Our Refund and Returns Policy?

This refunds and returns policy will be updated as our business changes. Please send any questions about this policy: