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Long Nose

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Long Nose Venetian Masquerade Masks

Distinctive and fun, these long-nosed Venetian masquerade masks are suitable for men.

The most famous of the long-nosed masks is the Pest Doctor, or Medico della Peste, which is a Venetian masquerade design with remarkable origins in history. As the name suggests, the Pest doctor mask was used by doctors during several outbreaks of deadly Plague in the city of Venice. In the past, the mask included crystal eyes to protect the wearer's eyes and a long nose filled with herbs to purify the air that the doctor breathed and to hide the awful smell of decomposing bodies.

Two other popular designs in this category include 'Turco' which is Italian for Turkish. These masks have hooked noses. The 'Nasone' design is similar but with a long straight nose. All come in a variety of bright colours such as black, blue, red and some have inserts decorated with musical notes.